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  • Auto liability

Our auto liability policy and coverage limits can be tailored to meet your needs. Because we understand the importance of getting drivers back on the road quickly, we pride ourselves on issuing the necessary insurance filings promptly.

  • Physical damage

Our physical damage coverage helps get your equipment repaired and back on the road. We offer various deductibles, self-insured retentions, location-specific catastrophic coverage, and other flexible options.

Long-term relationships with established repair facilities, towing companies, and parts suppliers add value to our product, because your equipment will get the attention it deserves no matter where you are.

  • General liability

This policy covers premises and operations exposures to guard your financial assets, providing broad coverage for bodily injury and property damage (other than autos), personal and advertising injury, some medical expenses, products and completed operations, fire legal liability on rental property, contractual liabilities, erroneous delivery of products, and host liquor liability. All claims are handled by our experienced liability adjusters.

  • Cargo

Our cargo forms are some of the best in the industry, providing a comprehensive cargo product that is more than just insurance. Our unique claims-handling process allows us to minimize your loss, as recovery and salvage of your cargo is our priority. We also offer many optional coverages: hired auto cargo, infidelity/dishonesty coverage, or broker/freight forwarding contingent coverage.

  • Garagekeepers

If you run a shop, you may be held legally liable for a loss to a non-owned auto. Our garagekeepers product provides physical damage coverage for tractors or trailers that you do not own but are in your possession for towing, servicing, repair or storage. The coverage may compensate the vehicle owner in some cases even if you are not responsible for the loss (such as a loss caused by a tornado). This preserves goodwill, a valuable asset in your relationships with customers, partners, and friends. Property-of-others coverage is also available and is used, for example, when you are working on someone else's loaded trailer and damage is caused to the cargo.

  • Umbrella

Our umbrella policy provides broad, worldwide coverage to protect your financial assets. It offers liability coverages for bodily injury, property damage, advertising, and personal injury claims. Pollution coverage is available for MCS-90 exposures. For more information on the benefits of purchasing an umbrella policy, contact your agent.

  • Inland Marine

Inland marine coverage can be used to cover a wide variety of exposures. Examples of what you may typically cover include tools, forklifts, personal effects of drivers in tractors, generators, and satellite dishes on premises or mounted on tractors.

  • Workers Compensation

Our workers compensation coverage gives you the advantage of having a team on your side. Adjusters who you know by name will listen to your concerns about a claim and will help to get your injured employee back to work as soon as possible. Our workers' compensation specialists will strive to help you prevent and reduce injuries.

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